What Our Clients Say

Margarite is the best agent we have ever worked with. Medicare Insurance is very complex and hard to sort through the many options and companies.  She reviewed many options based on our recommendations and requirements.  She has the patience of an angel.  We were able to understand our options as she carefully went over different options and ensured we got what we wanted.  We definitely recommend Margarite to everyone.

Greg and Janelle F, Valencia, CA

You have given us peace of mind regarding our insurance needs.  Thank you.  God bless you.

Socorro M, Winnetka, CA

Thank you! It looks like nothing gets past you.  I am going to stay with my insurance company just because of you :-)

Susan B, Sherman Oaks, CA

Dear Margarite, 

Thank you for your gracious time, you are the best and always so considerate and sweet at the same time.  Medicare can be tricky and a whole lot of concern.  But you are wonderful always.

Marc S, Burbank, CA

You are super efficient!

Hermine K, Glendale, CA

Hard working gal, Smiley face, on call 24/7, sweet & positive attitude, very good communicator, great service, another word east & west Maggie is the BEST.

Nick and Sarkis K, Porter Ranch, CA

Margarite was and is wonderful.  She helped me find the best insurance plan to suite my needs. She is always just a phone call away to answer any questions that I have and helps me fix whatever issues come up unexpectedly.  I can't be any happier with her service. If you are in need of an insurance agent that is knowledgeable, caring and very professional look no further than Margarite Batmazyan. I highly recommend her!!!

Elida M. North Hills, CA

Margarite is the best of the bestā£   She works hard for her clients and always emails us lots of great information.

May and Johnny P. Granada Hills, CA

No other individual is more capable, energetic, knowledgeable, and utterly helpful than Margarite for all your insurance needs. Me and my wife just recently retired  and it was Margarite who relentlessly assisted us in all our Medicare Advantage plans. She took her time to make sure we fully understood all the benefits there are to know and more importantly told us what not to do. For Medicare and Other Insurance needs, there's no other we will refer but Margarite Batmazyan.

Manuel & Victoria F. Granada Hills, CA

In these times of uncertainty I take great comfort in knowing that I have a person such as Margarite, looking out for me with these vulnerable health insurance choices. Margarite is well versed with all the options and choices available to those coming into Medicare. It is so important to know what you are signing up for with your current conditions. What would I do if Margarite wasn't there for me.  I know she has my best interest at heart and I can trust her.

Russ F. Northridge, CA

Margarite was such a Godsend for me! I just turned 65 and I had been getting emails, phone calls and mail for months about what I should do regarding Medicare; plans, benefits, cutoff dates - do this, do that, don’t do this, if you don’t do that you’ll be penalized. I was very, very confused and just didn’t want to deal with any of it. A friend of mine referred me to Margarite and after spending some time with her on the phone she had completely relieved my stress and uncertainty. She did EVERYTHING that needed to be done to get me into the right programs at the right cost for me.  She was kind, patient, professional, and knowledgeable.  I couldn’t have asked for a better Medicare agent. I recommend Margarite 100 percent. 

Nan C., Prescott, AZ

Margarite was great.  I had used the same Medicare health plan for a number of years without evaluating the available plans that were available.  She took the time to find the best value plans for me.  She found a plan that was lower cost and included services that were not available with my current plan.  I am very happy with the plan she recommended, and each year Margarite and I perform a re-evaluation to ensure we have the best plan for the new year.  Based on my experience you can't go wrong going with Margarite for your insurance plans.

Steve B., Calabasas, CA


Thank you very much for resolving my Dental billing issue related to my Medicare Advantage Plan.  You followed through my concern all the way until it was resolved and in a timely manner!  Your unselfish dedication to your work as evidenced by my experience is very much appreciated. I would highly recommend you to anyone who has insurance needs anytime.

Marcelito S., Sunland, CA

Margarite es muy profesional y sobre todo me cuida y me da confianza por su gentileza y amabilidad.

Eugenio & Cari P, Granada Hills, CA

Ms. Margarite Batmazyan is the best and most thorough Medicare insurance representative I have dealt with, ever.  She has such a big heart and a big personality she can make you feel like she’s actually with you personally during these Covid times

Of having to resort to online services. You can feel her smiling straight through the phone.  She is definitely a person that works for your best interest and possesses the knowledge necessary to provide you with exactly what you need.  I feel confident with the choices she helped me make and enjoy the fact that she is always there for you to answer questions and help you through any concerns you may have with your insurance needs.  I have recommended her to many of my family and friends Who seemed perplexed with the whole Medicare issue and have received positive feedback from them stating how happy they were with her knowledge and professionalism in helping them sort out their Medicare needs for the future.

I would highly recommend Margarite to anyone seeking perfection And knowledge in this ever changing world of health and well-being, who will give you the confidence you need in making your medical choices year in and year out; along with keeping you abreast of all new and pertinent information relating to Your selected plan. 

What more can I say, I just love her and her work ethics!

Jeanie S., Burbank, CA


Margarite is the best ever!!

Diane L R, Agua Dulce, CA


Margarite, I have another referral for you. He is retiring from the same place I worked for 30 years and I told him how you made it so easy to get the right supplemental insurance for Gwen and I and then went way out of your way to help my friend Jim get the best supplemental health insurance that I know he could not of obtained without your help. 

My retiring friends name is Ron and he will be contacting you. 

Thank you in advance for the help I know you will give him. 

Larry & Gwen B., Tujunga, CA


Margarite has done and continues to do an excellent job with our Medicare needs.  She is always there to provide the best and complete information possible.  I would give her 5 stars.

Jack & Francine A., Chandler, AZ


You are truly “A1” when it comes to your clients.  Always very helpful, attentive and caring to our needs. Continue to Shine! ;)

Marilena M, Valencia, CA


Thank you for all your help, especially in my times of crisis, all the services you add on are very helpful in so many ways.  Please keep the good work that you continue to do serving others. God bless you and please be careful.

Gerald J T, Mission Hills, CA


I know and worked with Margarite about 2 years.  I found her very kind and understanding. She responds to my calls immediately and answers all my concerns, give very proper information in regards to my Medicare benefits.  I am highly satisfied and definitely recommend her to my friends.

Ani H, Granada Hills, CA


Margarite is very personable, helpful, energetic, and loves what she does. I am extremely happy with the level of service I am receiving from her whether it be explaining the Medicare process to reviewing all the different insurance plans to completing the application to always being available for questions. She’s positive with a vast insurance knowledge, excellent customer service skills and quick response time. I highly recommend Margarite to anyone seeking guidance in today’s fast changing health insurance environment.  I would like to express my gratitude for the excellent, professional, informative, and personable job and handling of my Medicare plan. Thank goodness there are wonderful representatives, like Margarite, that answer the phone whenever you call and provide you with the information you need that is presented in terms we can understand. She helped navigate through all of the confusion surrounding the different choices I had in getting Medicare for the first time.

Hagob K. Northridge, CA 


Margarite, you are one in a million! I've never had an insurance agent go above and beyond for whatever insurance related issues I had. Whether it was a question about coverage/explanation of benefits and changes or finding a provider or recommendations on what policy to choose, you took the time and were very thorough :) I love the birthday cards you send! I love that no matter what the issue, you make the time and call me! You’re a special person and I'm so lucky to have ran into you at the FACEY medical building in Porter Ranch :) 

Yvette M, Northridge, CA

I am very pleased with Margarite.  She is very professional and I highly recommend her as an insurance agent.

Dennis S, Porter Ranch, CA


When I first met Margarite, she listened to me and then went through her material showed me what might be good for me, never pushed.  I liked that about her.  From the first time I met her I felt she was honest and that is very important.  Margarite knew I had a short time to make a decision, gave me all the information I needed and let me decide what to do. In the end, Margarite solved all my insurance problems.  She is now my health insurance agent and I trust her.  It has been years that I receive birthday cards, how are you doing cards, do I need any help, etc. That is a true Insurance Agent   

Jerome J S, Chatsworth, CA


She’s been great to me! 

Nancy J.O. El Segundo, CA

I am thrilled with my Medicare Insurance Plan, but mostly because of who I have as an agent.  Margarite is not only extremely knowledgeable about health plans, but she has a magical spirit about her that attracts people to her physically and at soul level.  It isn’t just me who’s feels this; but, many of my friends I have referred to her, both in and out of state, who haven’t even seen her like I have, told me this exact thing.  Her Spirit is so magnificent and goes so far above and beyond any words.  It’s an enormous feeling you’re left with after conversing with her each and every time.  From what I hear, she is like that with everyone she comes in contact with.  Besides our eyes seeing her pleasant self, our hearts can see right through her beauty and truthfulness right over the telephone.  Me and my friends are so happy to always find her anytime we need her as she goes above and beyond our questions and gives us not only advice, but hears us out, makes us feel cared for and loved.  The most beautiful part of it all is that Margarite doesn’t have to work at any of these amazing characteristics that she has, she just naturally has and is all that, simply and humbly herself.  She is a blessing to have and I wish it to all of my fellow Medicare friends, I couldn’t just keep her for myself, I must share <>

Marijane F, Granada Hills, CA

Margarite is Super Outstanding on her services and I love it!

Yowvaluck aka Sandy P, North Hills, CA 

I met Margarite a couple of years ago at an event.  I was in the process of retiring and looking for someone knowledgeable in Medicare and Supplemental health insurance.  She helped my wife and I understand the process and choose a policy that fit our needs.  She is a delight to work with. I would highly recommend Margarite for your insurance needs.

Rex & Cathy H, San Mateo, CA

Margarite, my husband and I can’t “Thank You” enough for helping us navigate what seemed like a complicated, over-whelming decision on healthcare at this important stage of our life! You are so positive and such a brite light! Whenever we had a question you had the answers and were able to explain to us in terms we could understand!  

Mike and Terry V, Chatsworth, CA


Margarite is not only a wealth of information and so very knowledgeable about everything health related. But she is one of the sweetest, most patient people we have had the pleasure of knowing. She is so responsive and kind to us. She knows what Seniors need; her expertise is unparalleled. My wife and I are very grateful for always helping us and guiding us, we highly recommend giving her a call and seeing for yourselves how wonderful she is. You are in great hands with her.

Nelson & Gloria A, Sunland, CA


I am very happy with Margarite's services and impressed with her professionalism. She is experienced and has excellent knowledge about Medicare insurance.  Whenever I have questions or need help she is not only helpful to follow up, but makes sure that my questions are answered and problem solved.  I highly recommend her.

Richard M, Culver City, CA


Margarite helped us find the most appropriate medical insurance. We consult with her whenever questions arise regarding Medicare and Medical.  We have always received a quick response.

Edouard and Vartouhi S, Laguna Woods, CA


On a personal note, with professional expertise, there is no better reference I can make than Margarite.  She is immediate, relevant, and pertinent with a kind thought or two in a philosphical can do which is inspiring and responding. Definitely make contact!

Susan T, West Hollywood, CA

It is important to know that there are agents who CARE, If you want to understand full disclosures of all the plans, contact Margarite.  She explains things to you in your own way so that it will be easy to understand and especially make logical decisions based on those understandings.  To make the right choice anytime and every time, just contact Margarite.  

David K, Westwood, CA


Margarite is an amazing lady, she is the nicest person we have ever dealt with when it comes to the representation of service.  Thanks to her for all of her individual attention.  

Silvia & George B, Granada Hills, C


Margarite was very helpful enrolling me and my wife in our Medicare plans.  She was consistent with full knowledge and made sure we got answers to all details of our questions.  Our enrollment was prompt and went very smoothly.  Thank you Margarite for great service.

Isaac & Rachel A, Encino, CA

Margarite was referred to me by a friend and I feel that was arranged by divine intervention, because 9 days after she signed me into a medicare plan, I was rushed to the hospital and underwent through a flood of procedures and tests, diagnosing me with having had a stroke and underwent extensive rehabilitation, all for a $0 out of my pocket!!!  We may never understand some things; but, I know one thing for sure, that Margarite was sent to me because I truly needed and now absolutely recommend her services.

Norman D, Glendale, CA

Margarite is, indeed, the best agent I have ever worked with. To help you she goes a long way with all her heart and energy. Margarite, on top of being a professional agent with lots of knowledge about her job, is an extremely pleasant person, great personality, and dedication.  I absolutely recommend her, she is one of a kind. Thank you Margarite and I wish you health and more success.  

Shirin & Fariborz T, West Hills, CA


She is awesome!!! 

Leeno L, North Hills, CA 

I met Margarite earlier in the year, and am very grateful that I did. She’s been very helpful and informative where my health insurance is concerned, as it can get quite confusing. Margarite is very kind and patient and takes the time to explain everything making sure not to move forward until you have completely understood your options.  I will continue to work with Margarite and absolutely recommend her to family and friends. 

Vivian aka Vartouhi H, Pasadena, CA 


Margarite Batmazyan is very educated in her field.  She has helped me so much with all the decisions about medicare health insurance.  I am relieved I found such a knowledgeable, gentle and kind person.  She is always available or will call right back.  I would recommend all my friends to her!

Diane M, Porter Ranch, CA

Margarite helped me navigate my insurance options in clear and concise way, helping me decide the option best suited for me. She is thoroughly knowledgeable and always available to answer any questions I may have. She is the epitome of customer service!!

Michael R, Sunland, CA


I appreciate Margarite’s knowledge, patience, and guidance, which was over and above what I expected. Medical insurance is very complex. I didn’t know where to start, but I knew that I needed to make a change. Thanks for her caring, I would definitely recommend anyone to call Margarite Batmazyan. 

Terri T, West Los Angeles, CA  


When I turned 65 I was nervous about applying for Medicare supplemental insurance but Margarite came over and was very gracious. She explained my options and I was able to choose a plan for both medical and dental that same day. She was very efficient completing the applications and the entire process was completed in an hour. I am very happy with my health insurance and would highly recommend Margarite to my friends.

Glenn Bruno, La Crescenta, CA


Margarite was highly referred by a family friend. I have to say, from get go I was impressed by her knowledge and ability to clearly communicate my options. Margarite's driving force is to help her clients and with the right intention she brings comfort into the decision making.  She has always been one phone call or email away! I highly recommend her!

Nora & Nazareth N. Porter Ranch, CA 


Margarite has a helpful attitude toward her clients.  She encourages us to contact her for any help we might need with our Medicare advantage insurance features. She keeps in touch by email and also returns any phone calls.

Harriet O, Porter Ranch, CA

I did not know I had to sign up for Medicare plans when I turned 65, but when I went out of state for a week, I had to be rushed to the emergency room.  I was lucky nothing major happened and I was out and back home in a few days.  A couple of weeks after, I got slapped with a bill of over $6,000 and was shocked to find out Medicare doesn’t cover everything.  I found Margarite through a friend’s recommendation and learned so much about when, what, how and why about Medicare Insurance plans.  If you think you are immune to something like this, you are being naïve.  For your and your loved ones’ piece of mind, call Margarite for all your Medicare Insurance information and cover yourself properly.

Roubik G, Sunland, CA

Margarite helps you navigate the very confusing Medicare information. She is extremely patient, kind and helpful.

Rebecca B, Northridge, CA


I am so grateful to Margarite for advising and signing me to my present medical plan. She is very thorough in her search, in her knowledge of Medicare and medical plans. She listens all heartedly and mindfully to your questions and responds with great confidence, with ease and care for your health.  I do not hesitate to call her for any questions regarding the insurance plans.

Diana K, San Mateo, CA


Margarite always calls and follows up on me to update new information or if I have any questions. She is the best I would refer her to my friend for her wonderful services.

Sue V, North Hills, CA


Excellent service and a very knowledgeable individual, I am very happy with my Medicare plan.

Rafi M, Granada Hills, CA

So appreciative for all your help. I can't thank you enough. It was so great to have such a competent, careful and delightful lady working on my behalf. 

Beverli E, Agoura Hills

Margarite, just a note to thank you for your help, always.  

Jeanne A, Sherman oaks


I’m grateful to have Margarite as my agent. She is sincere, trustworthy and kind. God bless her.

Leeno L, Northridge, CA


She is the epitome of an Agent, Yoga and Qi Gong instructor and a friend, not to mention her unparalleled customer service and kindness.   

Carol S, Granada Hills, CA


Margarite, you signed up my wife for her Medicare Insurance plan.  My wife and I greatly appreciate all your help.  I would like for you to be my agent as well.  I turn 65 in late January.                                                              


James & Sandy K., Canyon Country, CA


Dear Margarite, you are truly a light in this world.

Jan B, Sunland, CA